Sunday, 6 September 2015

What is Virtual Reality and What should it be?

Virtual Reality can be defined as the manipulation, using technology, to create 'real' worlds and environments. It has been argued that creating a world with technology isn't virtual reality and that it shouldn't be classified as this. The incoming of new technology, such as the Oculus Rift, has made people's heads turn to new possibilities, but also contradiction to its purpose. By dissecting the facts, virtual reality is helping and moving with the change in today's society. It is important to understand, especially with games and film, virtual reality can take people to other worlds and experience them better.

It can be stated that virtual reality has become a new source of technology that has changed people's perspectives of game making and even film making. Of course people argue that, '360-degree video presented inside a virtual reality headset isn’t really virtual reality.' (J. Cone) but when you watch a movie or play a video game, are they actually real life experiences anyway? Life can be seen in many different ways from many different people. People like playing games because they enjoy that type of environment and it interests them. Why wouldn't you want to live it?

The new Oculus is a perfect example of the possibilities it can bring to virtual reality, 'virtual reality (VR) platforms like Oculus Rift will spur the creation of exciting new experiences.' (J. Cone) It is an example of the possibilities new technology can provide. It is a headset that has the ability to make you feel like you are a part of another world and can give you an experience like no other. As we have stated earlier virtual reality is a ‘manipulation, using technology.’ This is definitely linked with the Oculus since it does just that.

People in today’s society are going to have different interpretations and opinions on what virtual reality should be. In the eyes of a ‘gamer’ perspective, it would be more appreciated than in the eyes of an accountant. In saying this virtual reality should be seen as a positive step in new technology. Even though it is seen more in games and film, it is only just the beginning. There are still plenty of years of trial and error to improve it. To give the consumer/user an experience they could never imagine. In the end that is what it is about. The experience.

This brings me on to why virtual reality was even invented? There are minor things for people’s own satisfaction, but it is believed the main reason is linked to the experience it provides. Virtual reality shouldn’t have limits because in reality all reality is experienced in different ways. No one has the same take on life or even values. Can you question someone’s reality? Virtual reality is a reality that is made by people in society. If it is made with computer aided devices and it can control the way a person thinks and feels, it can be fair to say that that is virtual reality. Why do you play games? Why do you read books? Why do you go out to a bar? To escape from the life that you can be trapped in such as, school, work etc. That is why virtual reality is just another escape, another experience to endure.

Virtual reality doesn’t have to just satisfy the experience of games and film, but also other everyday things. Like for an example, in a you-tube video named ‘a day made of glass,’ showed us how virtual reality can also change average people’s lives and make it simple and easier. There was a section in the video where a woman chose an outfit by searching up clothes on the screen and in the end could see herself wearing them. Virtual reality as we can see can be used in so many different ways to benefit someone’s life and also give them an experience that was unimaginable.

In conclusion, virtual reality has the ability to change the world. With new and upcoming technologies to allow this experience, virtual reality should be seen as a positive aspect. There really isn’t a right and wrong to what it is, only that it is technology based and gives the person using it an experience. There are so many ways to use it and perceive it. It can only ever get better.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is going to change the world. The Oculus, which is a most recent state of the art technology allows you to live the games you play. It will give the gamer an experience they would always have wanted. Even though it is still in the process of becoming bigger, it has potential to change gaming forever.

It won't just help gaming but also, other companies would be able to use it to create a build better things. This will step up our generation of technology and bring easier and time efficient things in to this world.

It is going to be a form of technology that is going to be exciting to see if it can improve our way of playing games.

Video Game Addiction

Games have become a big part in people’s lives, especially the younger generation. Due to the fact video games have become a factor in someone’s life, the issue of them being addictive has risen. Some people can sit and abuse the nature of video games. This is mostly due to the fact the game is influencing that.

An example of a game that psychologically addict’s people is League of Legends. It is an online game that normally goes for 45 minutes. You are a character with team of people that try and reach the other side defending your base. There are certain rules though. If you start a game, you must finish it and not quit, because if you do you can be suspended. Since each game is so long, you can lose track of time, such as, if you win a game, you want to play another because you want a better rank. But if you lose a game you want to try and win and the cycle continues.

Being addicted can have an impact on your family life and also your own life. In relation to young children who are still at school, the ones who are addicted to gaming usually use their non-school time to play games, fall asleep during school, fall behind with work, therefor leading to grade decrease. On the other hand for older more mature adults that are addicted have problems at home. They’d rather play games then go to work, help around the house, or even socialise with family members.

People who do get addicted to gaming make games look like a bad thing and decrease their reputation. Learning how to control this addiction and balance games with life has to be implemented. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Violence in Video Games

Violence in games has become a well-known issue in families and also in the media. These types of games have been blamed for certain 'real-life' instances related to violence. Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are some of the games that have controversy between them. the complaints don't come from the gamers but the families of the gamers. as most people that play games are a younger crowd, parents have gotten involved in the argument to which these games can influence real life actions and could be a harm to their children.

Reasons why parents and researchers are concerned is because in these types of games you are rewarded for being the aggressor, not punished. Also because violence in video games is not passive. To play and win you must be the aggressive one and attack.

As a gamer myself, these games should not be judged by certain people's actions. For instance, an elderly woman carer was shot by an 8 year old after a violent game he was playing. This does not make sense... Firstly, why was the 8 year old aloud access to a gun? Secondly, just because he was playing the game beforehand, how is that pure evidence that was the reason he killed her?

In today's society it has become ridiculous that blame has been put on violent games. Of course there are some people out there that that is the reason they physically hurt someone, but those people normally have problems in their life, or a mental disorder. If specific parents have issues with the game, then as a parent you don't have to buy it for your children. Just because certain people dislike the game doesn't mean everyone else should suffer.

Gender in Games

In the gaming world men and women are depicted differently. It is seen as a more male dominant hobby. Therefore there is more inequality on this topic. Statistics show that that 45% of gamers are actually female. But this does not show the inequality in core gaming. 

Women are seen as a weakness and fragile. This is even evident in actual games, such as Grand Theft Auto, where women aren't main characters but are there to cause 'drama'. Men in the game have more authority and control over women. This is a metaphoric example of how women are treated in the gaming world. Since everyone has stereotyped gaming as male dominant, it over rules any statistics or knowledge about women in gaming. 

In conclusion, there will always be an in-difference between men and women in gaming. Unless there is a change in the way society views the natural gamer, this issue will always be risen.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Genre allows for a diversity of different people to play video games. As everyone in society is different, it gives a classification of what people's interests are and they try and draw that audience to their game. Someone who in the real world loves to travel or explore, they would most likely like a game with adventure. In reality that is their interests and that is what they would probably prefer. The genre just allows for a person to know what the game will be based around and this could give a decision to consumers, if they should buy the game. 

This graph which has results from 2008, shows the popularity of some genres'. Normally producers look at this to see if it is worth making a game in a particular genre. Will they make a profit? Are there enough people to buy the game? In the end video game genres help separate the different consumer groups and the different types of games.

Ludonarrative Resonance/Dissonance

A ludonarrative resonance/dissonance refers to the conflicts between video game narratives and its game play. A narrative gives the game player a story to follow or guide through a game. It can either be a long linear story line or a very short and simple one. It all depends on what game you are trying to make. For instance, a game like Assassins Creed: Black Flag, has a long and complex story line because of the different missions and the main mission. A game such as Crash Bandicoot, has a very linear story-line where you move through levels. The game play in these two games should match their story line. As we know Assassin's Creed is far more complex to play then Crash Bandicoot. In conclusion there are different opinions on what a game should have more of, story or the game play. In my research I believe that both are normally balanced with each other, to give the gamer the experience they want.